D minor


morning blues!
Be gone with whispering,
Let me just wander,
wander back to yesterday
When she asked shyly,
play me that song,
the saddest of them all
About a flower that blooms
alone in a meadow
About a voice that’s lost
from the top of a mountain,
of a fable that has
stuck in your heart
Will you sing it for me
up until the dusk
Then we’ll go on our ways
to wait and wonder,
wonder if tomorrow
the dawn ever comes

she was riding a wave
stronger than her will
the dandelions float aimlessly
and she could see
nothing but the gust
all that she could hear
were fluttering of a butterfly
her boots walked ahead of her
and she chased them
all around
but could never really wear
She came to me always
and asked me shyly,
Play me that song,

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Take me away

Oh death come and take me away
What kind of man I am being
I could not be the son of my parents
I could not be the brother of my sister and bros
I could not be the friend of anyone
Nor I could do anything impressive
Aimless as I am being
Pointless my life is being
Come death take me away

I am just a load to earth
And I am nothing more
Why to be alive
Why to live in a misery
When death is easy escape to me
I hearty call you
I hearty call you dear death
To come and take me away

Wipe me out from this world I don’t belong to
Perish my existence and my name
And death take me away

I call you I want you
I need you death to take me away
Come fast and take me with you
For I have lost every meaning to be alive
What is worst than to be
Aimless , friendless and filled with sadness

Oh this misery it’s hurting me a lot
And I am unable to endure the pain
So death come and take me away
I have ceased every points of living
I am alone and lonley
Like a Blue Whale
Singing songs of isolation and wadering in the vast
No one there’s to share a even tiny time with me
I am valueless and futile
I have nothing more to looses
Nobody is in loss by loosing me

So death take me away
Take me to another place
Place of dead
That’s where I belong
So my sweet heart my darling death
Come and take me away!!!1


When I was young I had my study.  I was fond of it. As I grew and faced never expected challenge of life,  when I had to go through a transition,  I forgot how good I was at study.but still I was content because I thought I had got a friend. How foolish I was then. How foolish I was to forget world is full of greedy people thst will cling to you as long as you are required for them as long as they need you to fulfill their demands now, I am all alone no friends to shsre moment sand my feelings. No study.  I am now the trashed thst aphasia been used. I am just a garbage of no use

The Beautiful Song


I vividly remember that day; it was warm and beautiful, probably the best day of the winter. I was living in Kathmandu then; my Masters was near to getting over. I made up excuses to stay there for as long as I could but eventually I ran out of all. So, I had to come home, my parents were happy though, probably planning my marriage or something.
As I took my bus and started shoving my bags in one of those shelves, I saw someone familiar right beside my seat. “Amit, is that you?” I nearly shrieked with excitement. Startled with my tone, Amit threw a dirty look at first, but as soon as he recognized me, he shouted, “Garima didi, Whoa, it’s you!”
Oh! What a joy was it to have met him! Amit and my family lived as neighbors in Bharatpur. It was the first time we had…

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Review of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Well, the show which got me go banana even before watching the series.  I watched few shows randomly, i  got this intution ‘Hey man, this gonna be great. Go for it.’ Guess what, the little man inside of my head was right. COOL!!!

FRIENDS is one of the finest  sitcoms ever made. Character and their acting super fine. Love joe’s expression, coolness and womanising technique, Ross nerdin-ess and everything about him. Pheobe and her smelly cat. I remember once i was singing this song whole day. Rachel, I love you. my dream girl. Monica oh neat freak. Do come to my room often. I am so mess. Chandler. haha Do i even have to mention. you one of the favorite characters.

Best part of friends, it teaches you about the life. How you act and how supportive your friends even though they might not like it. We do have ups and downs but let notion break bond of friendship that’s what the F.R.I.E.N.D.S taught me.

I remember how kathy moved away from Chandler and Joey’s life. Who was actually bothering both of them and their friendship. (doesn’t happen in real world). Excuse and their forgiveness. The annoying behavior we all have and friends dont bother to care.  AND ‘OH MY GOD’ of Janice. That’s was one of the hilarious moment.

I am in real love with this sit com. Pre internet era. So much of fun.

To all those searching for good utilization of time read this. and yes you can thank me later. 😉

Much ado nothing

Things changes. People born and die. Living being born and die. They are recycled by microorganisms. Non living things to which we people so much covet must all get old, broken, dis-formed or rust away.
Bond of everything ain’t permanent. even oxygen molecule breaks up to form bond with hydrogen. The more reactive replaces the Lesser one.  Just like iodine being replaced by bromine and bromine by  chlorine. This endless chain never bother to cease.
Interestingly rule of bond applies to human relation as well. You meet someone, have bond. You meet next one and thought them better than your old one, you discard them in a venture of finding new relation, with great zeal to stay always at cloud nine.  But how the discarded one feel, we seldom give it another thought. Just like Mumford and Sons said ‘But man is a giddy thing.’
We people are so much in making our life ‘merry’ we forget we are also the social being we forget we can’t live an isolated life.
People attitude changes. People  behaviour changes. Sometime we are the cause and sometime we are the reason. There’s no point in blaming other. There no point in proving I didn’t play ‘any’ role.

We are all the greedy human. Human  being who has forget to essence of being human.
We are really an animal even the zoological classification agrees.  (sorry it might be disrespectful to our lovely animals,  the beautiful creation of God except man).
Maybe I sound sadistic may be I am writing about the darker part. But We can’t always flee from what truth is. Day and night. We all experience that in our life.

God bless!!!

Choosing the lies

I would rather enjoy the company of lies and imagination and float on the falsely beauty than living the hell of truth full of ugliness. i admire beauty ( not just the skin and of human but beyond imagination of billions of people). Beauty are often lies. So i love lies.

Do you really want to know truth. Then listen: You are merely animal with ugly blood vein, carrying shits and dead cells and yucky fluids in your body. Thank to God, for he plastered your body with skin (though of variety of color). How pleasing Right? Bugger off!!!

But if i said,’ Hey beautiful. you look great. smile in your cheeks melt my heart. I can’t imagine living without you. Just love your tone, your body, the eyes and blah blah ( sorry i am not cheesy guy)”

Which would bring instant smile in your face and compel you to say “I am flattered thank you”

Latter, no???

Haha congrats your in my team. But if you chose former, your are my ideal.

Truth is bitter and unbearable so lies were created. Enjoy it!!!

Movie Review: Dead Poet Society

Awesome movie. Great flow and filled with passion (not in the way you are imagining :P)

The movie grasped my mind, matches my taste and make me ponder about how ami living my life.

Its poetic. The movie dates back to 1989, excellently depicts the contemporary society. The best part of the movie for me was: The then contemporary society is current society of ours. All of our parents spending lumps of sums on sons and daughter to become doctors in for fame, name and money shake. And if not doctor than any science stream to secure future. Failure of parents to seek out children dreams and aspiration coupled with inability of many of us to speak put about what we areally want to be.  Ashamed to say but I am not the expectation. Doing something that doesn’t come from bottom of your heart, that doesn’t make you feel is all futile and useless. sounds paradoxical but I too at some point of my life wanted to be doctor but I could never feel science. I never considered myself ‘Science Guy’. Rather i was drifted by literature, philosophy, politics and metaphysics and my very own numericals blended economics. I found them more enticing.

Oops I explained more about me than DPS 😀

But that’s what DPS was all about. Follow you dream.

No matter what other says, Words and ideas can change the world.




/  \


I hate to post it but if it’s syrup for me then I can do nothing. Temperamentally I don’t pant much, but everything has limit. Cross the boundary, there will be firing. I have been holding everything, making myself content with life and believing whatever happens happens for good. If life brutally fuck you then standing and being content ain’t enough.

Officially fade up from this dull, misery lonely  and average life.  I just miss being me. True that I like some part of me. Yes, now I understand little bit of sports, I am fond of reading big newspapers  and enjoying the responsibilities. But I , mIss the most  of me, my friends, my personal and joyous life,  reading of text books  and mugging of, being one of the brightest  students of the school, doing things at my own, doing homwork, happily preparing for schools and so forth.

It’s like being amputed. Have no one to share the loneliness, nothing to kick out the boredom and fade up befriending  technologies and social media.
Its so shame i got Lost in the pool of thousand people most of them being  like minded.
Hell what’s happening.  Life being out of control.  I never felt so hapless throughout my whole life.
When I thought I was having my hay days, friends,  responsibilities and fun, I suddenly realized I was falsely interpreting everything. So foolish of me to believe my eyes while making my mind blind.
Dulness interwined with boredom and loneliness,  that my life.

How quickly a person change you never know. And most ironic part of life is people judge you by your one or two mistake giving fuck to everything they did to you in past. It agonies me. Judgemental people who can never think beyond their self. Such are the people who will always complain you, no matter how much you gave your time they will always have something to complain bout. They beautifully describe your behaviour based on what you didn’t do giving damn to what you did in past Most unique part of such hedonistic person is their judgment of you based in 2-3 dysfunction activities forgetting what the person was before. Give brain to them god. I totally hate this shit when someone tries to denigrate your thought your activities and categories it as shit.
Fake people false hope fucking life

Nevertheless, I am learning even from these dull and humdrum life. That’s only the positive part.

Peace As i know

I wrote this orginally for the compeittion : 2015 International Essay Compeititon (organised by Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO)

My blog is personal 🙂

Peace As I Know

I gasped some courage and sneaked out through the window, dragging the curtain little bit. Outside the tempestuous storm was sweeping away everything. People were aghast at continuous downpour coupled with thunderbolt. Stormcloud of rattled feelings loomed inside my head. The massive shake  few days back left us tensed and anxious. But we didn’t let that conquer the peace deeply embedded in our hearts and minds.


We were stomped and engulfed by nature’s grievance. Amid the crisis, we as human being stride together to heal  wound and get relief from grief.Nothing could halt us. We were fervent admirer of  love and let our courage decide our fate. We were affirmed our courage and love all roots to peace. This embolden us to revitalise our nation and make palaces from piles of rubbles.


Had the peace ceased from existence, the conditions would have been unfathomable and we slandered by our own plight.


Peace ameliorate deep grief and anguish, rejuvenate every weary. Gallant as would be expected, peace lovers are actual philanthropist of benevolence and magnanimity beyond measure. That’s what I learned when my nation faced worst attack by nature. Peace in heart and mind is the key to eternal happiness and togetherness.


Haruki Murakami quotes,’To get something people have to pay a price. That’s a rule the world operates by.’ To have love for each other as human being, we have to sans religious-centric, ethno-centric orthodox belief. To broaden feeling of brotherhood and embrace peace, we have to suspend wars( much coveted game where every government pours large chunks of sum).


In quest of peace, pilgrims, travellers, businessman, layman all set out their own expedition and make thousands of maiden voyage. That’s admirable but path to peace are more amicable when each of us realise peace dwells in brain guided by heart. Lord Buddha taught us, ‘Peace comes from within. Don’t seek it without’.


‘Peace begins with smile’,said our Mother Teresa. A smile often cheers up heart. When heart is elated, mind becomes vigour. The mind directs us to route of unparalleled achievement previously considered unconquerable. The vehicles to success are  fueled by peace residing in us. Peace gives midas touch to everything, escalating the values. Peace open our eyes clogged with peccable thoughts and let us view each individual as human being having beating heart, red blood flowing in vein and oxygen for breathing.


Peace doesn’t mean merely taking wicket of war but also scoring comfortably runs of tranquility, security and prosperity. When a decade long armed-revolution ended in Nepal, did peace really exist? Clearly ‘No’. Peace started to chime from every corner when brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, friends, relatives, neighbors embraced each other, accepted and respected general differences brought by varietal circumstances and understood ‘We are all one being: Children of God’. That’s what constructing peace means to me.


Building peace means to inculcate positive vibes, nourish our hearts and minds, pull out from vicious circle of ‘war, hate and crime’, free ourselves from acrimony that has curtailed the growth of human civilisation.


Peace for me begins when we unconceal altruism, when we cause no harm to another,when everyone shows characteristics of bona-fide citizen, when we start trusting each other  instead of relying on armed forces patrolling cities with bullet-filled guns.


Outset of peace begins when we start loving each other.  Mother teresa, whose altruism reestablished faith in humanity, added impetus to love by taking care of the closets one-ones at home. When every home starts loving each other strongest foundation of the peace is laid.


When expressed  in color, for me peace is ‘White’, compromised of every possible things human can recognise. Peace means embroidering differences of choices, preferences, belief and faith people follow to make masterpiece of earth. Its an art of painting in white canvas showcasing wonders of colors that adorn our earth.

Peace begins when we understand each other. Love each other. Respect feelings of each other. It all starts from you, I and us.


John Lennon truly said:


‘You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will live as one